Sunday, May 5, 2013

Things to Take care while landing on the next dream Job

Some day or other we face a Situation when the current relationship with the employer can not work anymore due to various reasons. And then we look for a change. But we must carefully consider the following facts while we are on the move -

  1. Many Big IT Companies sell their configuration and support work at the name of development by offering huge remuneration benefits. If you are really looking for a quality work then prefer a first hand recommendation for the project and company, that might give a better insight into actual work. If that is not feasible, schedule an extra round with your new employer to know how your typical day will look like after joining the company.
  2. In today's connected world, most companies work across geographies and the work might require you to stay in office in odd hours (anytime outside 8AM-5PM). Working in odd hours have long term negative effects on our health and thus must be carefully evaluated. Ultimately humans are not on earth just for work (Hindi has a better word for this work : Naukri).
  3. As our work experience grow, we expect some kind of growth in our work environment. Few people want to grow on managerial side, and others might prefer technical or individual role. So we must we firm on our decision while shifting our Job.
  4. Few projects are real mess, full of chaos and bugs. Its always better to start your new Job with a work which is not matured phase. Otherwise we will loose the fun & creativity in the daily work. Reverse engineering is not the good way to learn Project's business. Moreover on one loves to clean shit of others.
  5. Good practices & methodologies tend to reduce the stress in a project thus making our life easier. If a project is too old in technology then there would be loads of boiler plate code, which might cause concerns to you. So make sure you inquire enough about your new Project.

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