Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Java Topics covered in Investment Banking Intreviews (Morgan Stanley, Barclays, RBS, UBS, BlackRock)

Topics covered in Investment Banking Interview includes -

Core Java
  1. Java Basics - OOP Principles, Overriding (knowledge of all Rules), exception handling, garbage collection algorithms, Immutability concepts, Serialization concepts.
  2. Collections - Internals of ArrayList, HashMap, Concurrent HashMap details, HashSet, PriorityQueue details, etc. Big O Time and Space complexity of various operations
  3. Multi-threading and Concurrency - Basics of Synchronization, Concurrency API introduced in Java 5, Producer Consumer Problem.
Algorithms, Data Structures & Design Patterns
  1. List, Queue, Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree, hashing techniques, Time and Space Complexity measurements of custom algorithms. Some knowledge of sorting and searching algorithms - at least their comparison.
  2. Awareness of Basic Design Patterns - Singleton, Factory, Decorator, Listener, Command Design Patterns etc.
  1. Working knowledge of Spring Core, Spring-MVC, Active MQ, Restful Webservices.
  2. Hibernate/JPA, ORM concepts (JPA inheritance strategies, Entity Relationship with examples - OneToOne, OneToMany, ManyToMany), Transaction Management, Handling concurrent updates in database, etc.
  1. Working knowledge of DB and SQL, Database indexing, Outer and Inner Join, performance tuning of queries, etc.
  1.  Familiarity with Unix commands - find a running process, kill a process, grep, vi, tasklist, etc.

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