Wednesday, February 18, 2015

UBS Java Interview Questions

UBS Java Interview Questions

Focus is mostly on Engineering Processes and Code Quality. You must be aware of Agile, Test Driven Development (TDD), various frameworks for Unit Testing, Integration Testing, etc. A good hold over concepts like Multi-threading, Algorithms, Java Collections, Queues is required. Developer should be familiar with the IDE and its shortcuts - IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse STS.
  1. How will you design online library management system using TDD and Agile? Using testcases for requirements.
  2. Talk about concurrency utils i.e. Atomic package?
  3. What is a volatile keyword?
  4. What is a future? How is it used in ExecutorService?
  5. What is decorator design pattern?
  6. Design your own custom Threadpool executor with minimal functionality.
  7. Explain Java Memory Model.
  8. Why is AtomicInteger class better than a synchronized counter class? What is CAS?
  9. What is difference between ExecutorService and ForkJoinPool?
  10. Explain Producer Consumer Problem using Java Code.
  11. How will you implement your own thread-safe blocking queue in Java?

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